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BMT Team

Balance Massage Therapy hires experts who are dedicated to working with you each and every session, tailoring a massage that meets your needs.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Chris Draybuck, NCTMB

Chris's current schedule: M 3-8, Tue 10-3, Wed 3-8, Th 10-3

Expertise: Hot Stone   Myofascial Release   Neuromuscular Therapy   Oncology   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Swedish  

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Chris Draybuck, NCTMB, graduated from AAIMT where she went on to practice as an independent therapist until opening Balance Massage Therapy in October of 2008. Specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Sports Massage, Christin is passionate about the immediate impact massage has on clients. In October of 2010, Christin completed a 100 hour Oncology massage program from Beaumont hospital.

Chris is a great fit for clients looking to make progress with very specific issues.  Using an integrated approach, Chris combs trouble areas and works in a targeted way to provide relief.  Our most senior therapist, Chris has performed over 2500 massages at BMT and is highly requested and referred to

Chris’ goal in growing the BMT team is to focus on continuing education and develop a team deep in passion, experience, and shared knowledge.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Wyatt Woodside, NCTMB

Wyatt's current schedule: M 12:30-5:30, T 10:00-3:00, Wed 12:30-5:30, Th 3:00-8:00, E/O Sunday 12-6

Expertise: Myofascial Release   Neuromuscular Therapy   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Swedish  

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Wyatt has been with Balance since 2009. He is one of our most senior therapists and his experience and education make him a great fit for most clients. He has perfected a comprehensive massage. He is also an expert in deep tissue massage. He can do very deep, specific, NMT work in a very fluid manner. He can also perform an excellent sports massage, or even give a massage that focuses solely on relaxation.

Wyatt has a lifetime of experience in martial arts that gives him a unique familiarity with how muscles work. He is very good at using his experience to connect with each client, make them feel comfortable, and help them work toward their personal health goals.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Angelica Vredeveld, NCTMB

Angelica's current schedule: Tues, Wed, & E/O Sat 10-8, E/O Sun 11-6

Expertise: Hot Stone   Myofascial Release   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Angelica joined BMT in August of 2009. She quickly established herself as one of our most sought after therapists. Her fluid approach to massage allows her to excels at a relaxing swedish massage, as well as, finding trouble spots and releasing them. She also is able to blend in deep tissue bodywork, and is excellent at tailoring each massage toward the needs of the client.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Matt Griewahn, NCTMB

Matt's current schedule: M: 1:30-8, Wed: 1:30-8, Fri: 3-8, Sat 3-8

Expertise: Hot Stone   Myofascial Release   Neuromuscular Therapy   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Swedish  

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Matt joined our BMT team in April of 2011. He brings a slow and calm approach to massage therapy. Using a lot of Myofascial techniques, Matt style involves using longer, slower strokes. It is an effective technique and shows results. He does great deep work and should be able to address any issue a client would like worked on. His deep tissue style is unique in that he builds the pressure slowly, and gradually works deeper and deeper. Matt also has advanced training in Hot Stone and does an amazing therapeutic hot stone massage.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Jerry McDowell, NCTMB

Jerry's current schedule: Mon 3-8, Tues 3-8, Thur 10-3, Sat 3-8, Sun 11-6

Expertise: Myofascial Release   Neuromuscular Therapy   Prenatal   Reiki   Sports Massage   Swedish  

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Jerry joined our BMT team in August of 2011. He provides a great comprehensive massage that incorporates myo, deep tissue and relaxation. His ability to combine different modalities (Swedish, Myo, NMT, Trigger Point, Sports, etc.) makes him a great choice for most clients that come to Balance. He has excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to listen to client needs and respond accordingly. He is 100% dedicated to his profession and his positive personality and genuine desire to help clients is reflected in his work.

In September of 2014, Jerry completed his level one Reiki training at the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy.  He is able to combine elements of Reiki during a massage or have a massage centered on this approach to wellness and healing.



Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: David Paul

David's current schedule: Tue - Thur 12:30-5:30, Fri 12:30-4:00, Sunday 12-6

Expertise: Myofascial Release   Polarity   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Trigger Point  

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David joined our BMT team in September of 2011. He has been practicing massage for over 10 years. Working with a wide range of tools, David incorportaes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Polarity, Myofascial Release, and Reflexology as needed to make each client session unique and tailored to the needs of his clients. Combining deep skills alongside relaxation techniques, He is a great fit for clients who want to work on some specific trouble issues, or for those that just want to relax. He is our go to therapist for reflexology, as he can incorporate it into a full body massage, or even do a full hour reflexology session.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Brian Wood

Brian's current schedule: Tues & Thu 3-8, Fri 12:30-5:30 & e/o Sat 10-3, e/o Sun 11-6

Expertise: Hot Stone   Myofascial Release   Sports Massage   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Brian Wood is a graduate from Irene’s Myomassology Institute.  Brian is passionate about the healing aspects of massage therapy.  He believes in listening to his clients and adapts his technique to their needs.  Brian draws on his experience in Mayofascial to provide his clients with a truly relaxing and therapeutic experience. Brian’s advanced training in Hot Stone massage helps provide clients a deep and relaxing massage experience.   When he’s not working, Brian enjoys reading and spending time with his family and friends.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Brendan Collins, NCTMB

Brendan's current schedule: Tue 3-8, Th 3-8, Fri 10-3 & Sat 10-3

Expertise: Hot Stone   Myofascial Release   Polarity   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Brendan Collins, NCTMB Brendan is a 2010 graduate from Irene’s Myomassology Institute.  His areas of study included: deep tissue, sports massage/muscle mechanic, and myofascial release.  Brendan’s therapeutic massage is intended to focus on the specific needs/issues of the clients while blending the modalities to provide a comprehensive and fluid massage experience.

His style can be very relaxing, but his strong hands allow him to be very effective for deep tissue work as well. Brendan’s technique blends great depth with flowing, continual movement.

He is  a great fit for clients looking to get relief from stress, maintain muscle health and for clients who are looking to seek relief from headaches, neck & back issues, muscle strain and tension and for those clients and seeking relaxation.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Juliann Trudell

Juliann's current schedule: Tues 10-3, Friday 10-3, e/o Saturday 3-8

Expertise: Elder Care   Hot Stone   Myofascial Release   Prenatal   Swedish  

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Juliann Trudell has been receiving massage therapy throughout her  adult life.  Looking to pursue her passion, she decided to leave her successful career in communications and pursue a career helping others. A graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute,  Juliann combines her experience with massage and her background in communication to build  her client relationships.  She understands how important therapeutic massage can be and knows the importance of working with each client to create a massage plan that benefits them.

Juliann’s expertise lie in Swedish massage, Hot Stone and Elder care massage . She is the great fit for clients looking to relax and work out some issues.


Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Bridgett Rossi

Bridgett's current schedule: Wed 3-8, Thur 3-8, e/o Sun 11-6

Expertise: Myofascial Release   Polarity   Prenatal   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Bridgett uses a very holistic approach to massage that helps to provide her clients with an overall feeling of wellness. She is trained in various techniques, including swedish, deep tissue, energy work, prenatal, and is able to meet the needs of almost any client at Balance.

Her ability to use many different styles, and her great communication skills help her to design a plan for each individual client. Bridgett then is able to focus on providing each person with a great experience, blending different modalities to achieve a heightened sense of well-being.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Dan Anderson

Dan's current schedule: Wed 3-8. Fri 3-8., Sat 3-8

Expertise: Sports Massage   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Dan’s massage style focus is deep tissue work with an emphasis on tension relief and mobilization. His goal is always to use bodywork to facilitate his client’s comfort. He uses good communication and interpersonal skills to help each client on an individual basis.

Dan is a great fit for clients looking for deep, specific work. He’s also been a great match for those interested in work on the feet and legs.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Sarah Hampton

Sarah's current schedule: Mon & Tues 10:00-4:15, & Sat 10-3

Expertise: Myofascial Release   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Sarah’s approach to massage is focused on helping her clients with any issues they may have by using different modalities to address their needs. She has had deep muscle training, and uses trigger point therapy along with firm pressure to troubleshoot her client’s issues. She then moves her focus to relaxation techniques to help promote an overall feeling of wellness

Sarah has found that her massage style is very well suited to help clients who are dealing with Fibromyalgia.  She has extensive experience helping clients deal with this condition. She also has received excellent feedback on her work on feet and legs. Her clients leave with a sense of deep relaxation, as well as a feeling that their trouble areas have been worked out.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Debbie Tiews

Debbie's current schedule: Tues 3-8 & Thurs 3-8

Expertise: Elder Care   Myofascial Release   Neuromuscular Therapy   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Debbie uses her skills in Myofascial release, and NMT to help her clients achieve their wellness goals. She has extensive training in geriatric massage, and can use her knowledge to give her clients a very relaxing experience.

Debbie’s training has given her a unique combination of styles that she can use to provide her clients with deep tissue bodywork, but also a special sensitivity to their needs.

Debbie’s clients have reported that she is especially good at the work she does on the neck, shoulders, and upper back. Her approach is to give each client the individual attention they need to have a great massage experience.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Laura Belsar

Laura's current schedule: Tue, Wed, Thur 3-8 & E/O Sat 12:30-5:30

Expertise: Myofascial Release   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Swedish  

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Laura’s style of massage uses firm pressure, but is not extremely deep. She prefers to use myofascial release and trigger point techniques, with some movement and holding/stretching as well. Along with myo, she has training and certifications in sports, swedish, and prenatal massage. Additionally, Laura is proficient in Advanced Tensegrity, which incorporates rocking and kneading techniques to stimulate blood flow and activate joints to release tension from connective tissue. She needs further training in hot stone massage before we can book those sessions with her.


Her approach to massage is focused on improving the overall wellness of her clients. She has a unique ability to work deeply into tissue layers without applying heavy pressure. She describes her technique as working from the inside out, with a focus on structural wellness. Her style is great for troubleshooting without being overly specific.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Jen Miller

Jen's current schedule: Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri 4:30-8:00


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Jen’s style of massage is an intuitive use of myofascial release to best help her clients relieve their tense areas. She very often incorporates stretching into her sessions, and has been complimented many times for using unique types of stretches that achieve tension release from some tricky sore spots. She uses medium to deep pressure, and has found that she has great success with clients that need work focused on their back and shoulders. She is also great for those who just need to relax and destress.

Her approach to massage is based on the positive energy she receives from helping her clients. Jen takes her time to understand the client’s individual needs, then works out a plan to figure out how her skills can best help the client. She also believes that her positivity and kind demeanor with clients can also go a long way toward helping them achieve their wellness goals.


Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Amy Tartaglia

Amy's current schedule: Mon 3-8, Sun 12-6


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Amy’s massage style is based upon helping each individual she works with to feel better, and to progress toward their personal long-term health goals. She thrives on the opportunity to educate her clients about how their bodies work, and how massage can help them with their daily routines. Amy uses a variety of techniques to address any issues a client may have, but her main focus is troubleshooting and problem solving using light to medium pressure NMT and Trigger Point techniques. She also specializes in relieving stress and tension with a great blend of relaxation and therapeutic techniques.

The approach that Amy uses is intended to combine different massage modalities to give the client some of the benefits of each style. She uses Myofascial to warm up the muscles, then moves toward NMT and Trigger Point to focus on the more specific issues and tension areas, while using Swedish style to seamlessly blend everything together for a calming and relaxing experience.


Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Maggie Hanks

Maggie's current schedule: Tues 3-8, Fri 12:30-5:30, Sat 4:15-8:00, E/O Sunday 11-6


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Maggie’s style of massage is focused on connecting with her clients to create a safe, comfortable atmosphere where the needed relaxation and body work can be achieved. Once a level of trust and comfort has been established, she is adept at using her therapeutic techniques, including Myofascial and NMT, to address a large variety of issues for her clients. Maggie’s unique perspective makes her an expert in adapting massage to those who may be body-image sensitive, and has been invaluable in her work to make bodywork safe and accessible for transgender and other LGBTQ clients. Her main goal is to bring positivity to each client she works on. She needs further training in hot stone and prenatal massage before we can book those sessions with her.

Maggie’s approach to massage is client directed. She communicates very well and is great at asking questions to keep her sessions interactive, while also listening to provide her clients with the work that they need. She prefers to begin her sessions with relaxation techniques, then progress to more specific work and addressing the problem areas as needed.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Anne Nader

Anne's current schedule: Wed 10-5:30, Fri 12:30-8, & E/O Sun 11-6

Expertise: Myofascial Release   Neuromuscular Therapy   Reflexology   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Anne’s massage style is best described as a combination of specific deep tissue work, and relaxation based fluid massage. Her main focus is to see her clients release their tension and stress during the session, and feel more free afterward. She also has the ability to use a clinical, therapeutic approach to help address injuries and trouble areas. Anne is particularly effective with work on the neck, back, and shoulders. She also does a great foot massage and can incorporate Reflexology into a session.

Anne focuses on listening to clients and finding the clues in their work, hobbies, and everyday actions that can be affecting their body.  She works with them form a strategy that will allow her to intuitively find the best massage for that person.

Anne is a great fit for clients who are looking for release of tension, especially those with knots in the neck, upper back, and shoulders.  She likes to combine relaxing and specific work and she can do deep pressure with a focus on using NMT techniques. She relies mostly on therapeutic NMT and Trigger Point techniques when working out client’s trouble areas.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Rich Schneider

Rich's current schedule: Wed 10-3, Thur 10-3, Fri 3-8, Sat 3-8

Expertise: Myofascial Release   Neuromuscular Therapy   Prenatal   Sports Massage   Trigger Point  

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Rich’s massage style is based on helping his clients feel comfortable so he can focus on applying therapeutic techniques. He is very effective with deep tissue work and helping to resolve specific issues. He can also be counted on to help a client who just wants to relax. He brings a positive energy to each session to help build a level of trust with each individual so they can begin working toward their personal health goals.

Rich’s approach to massage is about evaluating the client to assess their individual circumstances and find the best method of therapy for them. He likes to work to relax his clients first, then move toward focusing on more specific issues once they are more comfortable. Rich can do troubleshooting and trigger point work, however, he stresses that his massage style is best thought of as maintenance, and not a cure for an injury or problem.

Rich is a great fit for clients who looking for help with some specific or chronic issues. His background, approach, energy and perspective also make him perfect for anyone who is looking for a therapist who understands the importance of client communication.

Ann Arbor Massage Therapist: Kyla Fielder

Kyla's current schedule: Mon, Fri, & E/O Sat 10-3, Thur 3-8, E/O Sun 11-6

Expertise: Neuromuscular Therapy   Swedish   Trigger Point  

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Kyla’s massage style is best described as a combination of medium to deep pressure specific work and lighter, smoother relaxing work. She thinks of each session as a unique opportunity to learn more about her clients, their needs, and her craft as a whole. With a varied training background, Kyla can integrate various techniques into each massage to help find new ways to address the needs of each individual she works on. Ultimately, her goal is to connect with her clients, and help them to leave with a smile.

Kyla takes her time with each massage, and is able to slowly guide the massage experience from a flowing, relaxation based approach to a more thorough NMT or trigger point technique. She relies mostly on Swedish style, but has the ability to integrate many modalities into her sessions. She works in stretching when appropriate, and she can also help with improving range of motion. Kyla is also adept at working with clients who may have postural imbalances.

Kyla is a great fit for clients who are looking for a smooth relaxing massage, especially those who would also like some specific focus on the neck, upper back, and shoulders. She is also great with people who like to learn a little from their sessions, as she informs her clients of what she is working on, and ways to improve their overall well being. Kyla’s quiet, caring demeanor makes her easy to connect with, and her positive energy easily rubs off on her clients .