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Our Committment To You!

09 Sep
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 Balance’s Client Service Philosophy is 2nd to none!

Our philosophy to amazing client service is driven by my background taking improv classes at The 2nd City in Chicago.  The # rule of improv is “Yes And”.   In improv it means you don’t just say “Yes” to a person you’re in a scene with, but it means you heighten that scene by adding something to it.  At Balance, I’ve taken that deeply instilled philosophy and use it as the core of our client service philosophy.  Our goal isn’t to just provide client service but to heighten it, add something to your experience and building concrete and lasting client relationships..

We don’t just provide excellent massage therapists; we make it affordable. 

We don’t just offer you the ability to rebook, we  give you a discount for doing so. 

And finally, we don’t just want you to have a good experience when you come, we are determined that your experience is the best it can be each and every time we see you.

As Balance continues to grow, I promise that Chris and I will continue to put a team in place that listens to your needs and works to set, meet and exceed your expectations.

And in the spirit of 2nd City and Yes And, we’re committed to making sure our service is 2nd to none.

We thank you for being a part of our Balance community!

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